Facade of Woolwich Central

Woolwich Central

420 Dwellings per hectare
304 units in 6 blocks up to 17 storeys above large Tesco

Woolwich Central (SE18 6GZ), located minutes from Woolwich Arsenal, above Europe's largest Tesco, 6 residential blocks 17 stories high. The development was awarded 2014 Carbuncle Cup for the UK's worst architecture.

The building surveyed in this project houses phases one and two of a high-density scheme that will eventually have four phases. Its blocky exterior belies a complex internal arrangement of public and private spaces.



 Kitchen of Woolwich Central flat

What residents say

The building design allows residents to experience a peaceful, secluded and secure community despite its location.

[in response to ‘what do you like about living in WC?] Convenience of being above a Tesco.

The service charges are very high and can be increased at will of the management company, this a a big drawback.