Streetview of Woodberry Down

Woodberry Down

243 Dwellings per hectare
835 units in 9 buildings (5-30 floors)

Woodberry Down (N4 2BA) is an eight-phase estate regeneration project 2007 to 2035, will bring 5,500 homes across 64 acres.

This massive development in North London comprises a mix of high- to mid-rise buildings ranged along the northern banks of two massive reservoirs, originally dug in the nineteenth century to provide drinking water for the capital and are now managed by the London Wildlife Trust. Woodberry Down is close to Manor House station.


Woodberry Down living room

What residents say

You have to cut back to Japanese living or Swedish living in the way that you think about space.

I don’t know many people and as a young person without a family it’s hard to join in with some of the community events (they are normally children related)

I like anonymity so the lack of community feel is a positive to me, I have no desire to know my neighbours