Facade of Thurston Point

Thurston Point

390 Dwellings per hectare
406 units in 2 buildings 15 storey tower, 8-9 storey courtyard block

Thurston Point (SE13 7SD) is an almost all-rental scheme, located between train lines and an A-road at the north end of the Lewisham Gateway development by Lewisham station in South-east London.

The operator is social landlord L&Q but most of the units are rented at market rents. It is characterised by black and white cladding and a number of irregularly placed rooftop units that look like shipping containers, each of which houses a single flat. Residents have access to a triangular internal courtyard at first-floor level

Thurston Point residential scheme statisticsThurston Point One person households;9% respondent 34% wardThurston Point social tenants 12% and 27% purchase price two bed £330k ward onlyThurston Point monthly rend two bed £1,575 respondents £1,500 wardThurston Point percentage between ages 18 and 19; respondent 39% word 23%Thurston Point Households with Children; 21% respondents 28% wardThurston Point index of multiple deprivation, score is 3 out of 10 Facade of Thurston Point


What residents say

It suits my purposes at this point in my life where I want somewhere convenient until I am able to buy my own home

I really like living in a home that I feel is high quality, it was what I needed after living in poor quality housing in central London for a few years. I also really like that the home is energy efficient and therefore the bills are more affordable. I think it provides good housing for younger people who can't afford to buy. However it's really important the good soundproofing between homes is built in to make them feel private.

[what do you dislike about ...] The sense of lack of management and safety. No one is around to fix anything. We have been 10 days with no lift and counting in a 15-story building, no concierge, responsible or anyone that we could communicate with. The maintenance (cleaning, checking security features, etc.) is very poor.