Facade of Tachbrook Estate

Tachbrook Estate

225 Dwellings per hectare
427 units in 14 buildings (2-7 floors)

A stable community in Pimlico of mostly social tenants, with families who have lived here for three generations.

The Tachbrook Estate (SW1V 3RP) was built in three phases between the 1930s and 1950s and was taken over by Peabody in 1972. Its 14 six- to eight-storey brick, deck-access buildings are named after significant figures in Westminster history including Christopher Wren.

Tachbrook Estate residential schemeTachbrook Estate stats; one person households 63% respondents 53% ward, non-UK born 25% respondents 41% wardTachbrook Estate social tenants 94% respondents, 29% ward, purchase-price £813k wordTachbrook Estate monthly rent two bed flat  n/a, transport link score 4 out of 6Tachbrook Estate percentage between ages 18 and 29; 0% respondents, 22% wardTachbrook Estate households with children statistics 12% respondents, 19% wardTachbrook Estate index of multiple deprivation score, 4 out of 10

 Tachbrook chairs in front of flat

 What residents say

It's a nice old family community, with families who grew up here for years.

[Positive aspects:]Quite friendly, those born and bred in area are very proud of the area love living here make you feel at home, it's also great to hear stories of what the place was like long ago there is continuity. [...] It feels great.

[Negative aspects:] Dislike the families who come onto the estate who never allow there children to mix with local kids as if local kids are not good enough they want their own kids to go to good schools, get good jobs and move out.

I have lived in this area all my life and the central location is the only thing the estate has going for it - and that's beginning to mean little to me.