Facade of Stratford Halo

Stratford Halo

403 Dwellings per hectare
516 units in 7 buildings (6-17 floors)

Despite technically encompassing seven blocks, Stratford Halo (E15 2NE) is best known for its 42-storey blue-and-purple clad tower on Stratford High Street. At 443 ft, it is one of the tallest structures in London, and in 2014 was named by the Guardian as one of the ’10 worst London skyscrapers’. 

The tower itself is owned by a single landlord and rented privately at market rents, while the lower blocks that surround it contain affordable homes. The building is home to a group of active YouTubers and features three multi-storey sky gardens.

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 Streetview at Stratford Halo

What residents say

I think it's better for younger people. There's a lack of space, storage and privacy for long term living. Especially if long term involves starting a family. I never felt like I should get to know the neighbours because I didn't expect to be here beyond 3 years. I am still here though because it's a nice and very convenient place to live

[About negative sides of the scheme] Temperature, it gets very hot on sunny days- when temperature outside is 18, it get to 26 degrees inside. It is like a glass house. Lifts break frequently. There was constant drilling for the past year due to change of window panels. Noise from the main road.

It has actually outlived my expectations. The concierge service is one of the best things about it, along with good management and maintenance services. Transport links are great and it's much quicker to access central London than initially thought.