Facade of Strata SE1

Strata SE1

403 Dwellings per hectare
516 units in 7 buildings (6-17 floors)

Situated across from the landmark Elephant & Castle shopping centre (now subject of a controversial scheme), Strata SE1 (SE1 6EG) is one of the tallest residential buildings in London, with over 1,000 people residing in its 408 flats. The balcony-less, 43-storey building features three windmills at the top. 

Originally intended to provide a sustainable energy source for the flats, the turbines are now rarely in operation. Strata replaced Castle House, an early 1960s six-storey office building, and is topped by a £2.5m three-bedroom duplex penthouse.


 Street view at Strata SE1

What residents say

It is a good community of people. It is close to my workplace. It is also close to my church. I can get to anywhere from here with ease.

I like that it is gentrifying, better people moving in is a good thing.

It's cheaper to live here than Central London. It is a modern new building. It is only in this building where I can live without having to lock my house. The development is serious about who lives here. There is less interaction although there are a lot of people- so security in a way but also gives me my space.