Facade of Hale Village

Hale Village

243 Dwellings per hectare
1,226 units in 12 buildings (3-11 floors)

Hale Village (N17 9QQ) is a large ‘urban village’ with over 1200 residential units, situated in the centre of Tottenham Hale close to the Lee Valley. With its ‘green’ design features, including a biomass energy system and green roofs, it claims to represent a ‘new generation of eco-district’.  

The scheme managers arrange a range of activities and services for residents including a green gym, community gardening, sewing workshops, hairstyling and dance clubs.


 Balconies at Hale Village

What residents say 

I know more than 10 people in my building - a rarity in London, as I didn't know any of my neighbours when I moved to other parts of London

There's a lot of focus on people with families for events etc. when there are a significant number of people living here without children

There is a community here, but I'm not part of it [referring to a separation between PRS and affordable housing residents].