A view of the walkway on the 4th floor.

Rooms for using sensitive research data

Rooms 4.07 and 4.08 in the Library are set aside for the use of sensitive, confidential, or restricted research data (see the LSE's Information Classification document [PDF]). They can be used to access specific sensitive data resources which the Library manages on behalf of the School, or to access sensitive data obtained by the user under licence which includes restrictions on access.

Management of the room is based on UK Data Service’s concept for handling sensitive research data

Who can use these rooms?

Rooms are available to current LSE research staff, postgraduate research, and master’s students with research projects approved by the data supplier.

What can you use these rooms for?

We only allow use of the rooms for projects related to academic study and research that have been approved by the data supplier. Getting approval is often dependent on describing research projects, specifying data requirements, providing a justification for accessing these data, and giving information on how data will be managed.

As well as possible training required by the data supplier, data suppliers often also stipulate users must read and sign a User Agreement that is counter-signed by a legal representative of the School.

If you are applying for sensitive research data, contact the data library to talk about access restrictions, how to manage the data, and see if the rooms meet conditions stipulated by the supplier.

How can you access these rooms?

You must make an appointment to use one of the rooms. Access is managed by LSE data library staff.

Rooms are only accessible through security cards held by the Library and are only available Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5.30pm.

You must show us that you have approval from the supplier to use the data set – either a direct licence agreement with the supplier, or approval for data sets managed by the Library - before you are able to make an appointment.

PCs in the room run in a Windows environment with a suite of statistical tools for analysis. We provide these data analysis packages offline.

  • ATLAS.ti v7.5.10,
  • NVIVO v11,
  • SAS v9.4.
  • SPSS v21
  • Stata v14SE

The PC in 4.07 can also be locked down to prevent access to the internet or for the connection of USB storage devices. This room does not have windows so to prevent external viewing of data.

What data resources are suitable for the rooms?

Some of the data resources we manage through the rooms are:

  • Bureau van Djik Orbis hard drive and historical data
  • Eurostat microdata:
    • Labour Force Survey (LFS)
    • European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC)
    • Adult Education Survey (AES)
    • Community Innovation Survey (CIS)
    • Structure of Earnings Survey (SES)
    • European Health Interview Survey (EHIS)
    • European Road Freight Transport Survey (ERFT)
    • Continuing Vocational Training Survey (CVTS)
    • Community Statistics on Information Society (CSIS)
  • Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA)
  • Indian National Sample Survey data
  • DealScan