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Research Data Management

These pages provide information and guidance for researchers on Research Data Management (RDM).

LSE Library offers a service to assist with the management of research data at all stages of the research lifecycle, drawing on external and internal support and policies. This reflects LSE's recognition of research data as a valuable asset to be looked after and shared wherever possible. 

The service is here to help you:

  • Understand expectations of LSE, research funders, and academic journals in sharing research data. 

  • Manage research data from planning through to finishing a research project.

  • Describe data for use or re-use in your research.

  • Preserve and share data in a suitable data archive or repository with an appropriate re-use license. 

Data management planning

These pages contain information about how to plan your research using good research data management principles.

Doing research

These pages contain information on how Research Data Management can be applied to support research. This is the type of information that should be considered when writing a data management plan and implemented early in the research design.

You will find information on navigating ethical review and approaching informed consent with the goal of creating re-usable data. There is an introduction to anonymising data to enable re-use within the Data Protection Act, and how to keep that data safe from accidental or malicious access and loss. It will help with collecting documentation and metadata information to give research contextual meaning. Advice is also provided on how to organise data within a collection, including useful strategies for naming files and variables in a data set, their appearance, and version control. There is also information on appropriate file formats to select with long-term preservation and access in mind.

Moodle course

View information on Research Data Management in our Moodle course.

View information on Research Data Management in our Moodle course.

Contact us

Send us an email to get advice and support about all aspects of data management.

If the information you want is not covered in these pages, please contact us at datalibrary@lse.ac.uk.