Dr Gillian Murphy

Dr Gillian Murphy

Curator for Equality, Rights and Citizenship

LSE Library

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Archives, Special Collections, Historical Research

About me

I promote collections that relate to equality and rights and I work mainly with The Women’s Library and the Hall-Carpenter Archives. My background is in archives and I now focus on the outward-facing work of being an archivist.

I organise various engagement activities which draw on The Women’s Library and the Hall-Carpenter Archives. These range from curating public exhibitions, planning events and talks and holding workshops for people to experience the material we hold. We welcome researchers, students, teachers, community groups, activists and the media to use our collections.

Collection highlights

Explore themes within the Women’s Library collection and the Hall-Carpenter Archives in these highlight pages.

Contact Gillian if you are interested in using archives in your teaching or research.


Gillian has curated many exhibitions, including the online Making Modern Women. View more past exhibitions

Links to writings

Gillian has written for LSE History blog on interesting topics from the archives.

Murphy, G (2023) ‘Emily Davies (1830-1921)’ Women in 19th Bloomsbury, Paschal Theatre Company Open Access 

Murphy, G (2023) ‘Zuhra Karim (1932-2019): pioneer of women’s journalism in Pakistan’ LSE History Blog Open Access 

Murphy, G (2023) ‘Who donated books to the Women’s Library?’ LSE History blog Open Access 

Murphy, G (2023) ‘The Hall-Carpenter Archives at LSE’ LSE History blog Open Access 

Murphy, G (2023) ‘The History of the Women’s Library’ LSE History blog Open Access  

Murphy, G (2022) ‘Alice Ker (1853-1943)’ Quinepedia: a biographical dictionary of north-east women, part of the Being Human Festival Open Access 

Murphy, G (2022) review of Women’s Post War Print Culture in Women: A Cultural Review vol 33. 1, pp. 139-141 Open Access 


Expertise Details

Archives; Special Collections; Historical Research