Daniel Payne

Daniel Payne

Curator for Politics and International Relations

LSE Library

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Historical Research, Archives, Special Collections

About me

Daniel Payne is the Curator for Politics and International Relations at LSE Library. His background is in librarianship, having joined the Library in 2012 working in a number of roles including research support and as an Academic Support Librarian. He curates public exhibitions, runs workshop using archives, and connects people with the fantastic collections on twentieth century politics and international relations held in the Library’s archives.

The archives are open to all – get in touch with Daniel if you’re interested in finding out more. You can also follow Daniel on Twitter.

Links to writings

Daniel writes a series of short blog posts on the hidden stories in LSE Library archives. These cover topics such as the development of left-wing thought, peace and internationalism, and Britain’s relationship with Europe:

You can follow the latest posts, and also follow Daniel on Twitter where he tweets images from the archives.

For a broad list of the themes covered in the archives, see the collections highlights pages:

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historical research; archives and special collections