A person walking down the LSE Library spiral staircase

LSE Library Vision and Purpose

"A library for promoting the study and general knowledge of … all matters relating to the progress and development of communities and of mankind generally"

The British Library of Political and Economic Science: Trust Deed 23rd November 1896.


The British Library of Political and Economic Science was conceived as a laboratory for the social sciences. The Library would provide a place where everyone interested in the study and understanding of society could come together and find the materials for their work. The dynamic pursuit of this vision since 1896 has built one of the most outstanding social science libraries in the world, and a unique asset for LSE.

LSE 2030

As the LSE Library we dedicate our collections, spaces and professional expertise towards the goals of LSE 2030: Educate for Impact; Research for the World; Developing LSE for Everyone.

Organisation and Purpose

LSE Library was established by a Trust deed in 1896 and has a dual role as the Library of the LSE and as a national research library for members of the public engaged with the subjects studied by the School. The Library Director of LSE Library also holds the title of Librarian of the British Library of Political and Economic Science in recognition of the national role of the Library.

LSE Library is organised into two service Groups, each with a distinct purpose and focus for their work and led by an Associate Director. The two Groups are the Collections and Academic Services Group, and the Digital Scholarship and Innovation Group.The Library Teams are the centres of activity and service delivery and they are organised within the Groups to enable the most effective and efficient delivery of our services. Each team is managed by a Team Leader.

The Library Operations and Development Team report to the Director and assist them in the operational management of the Library and the continuous development and improvement of services.

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