Studying at the LSE Language Centre

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Learners are seen as language users and social agents, and thus language is as a vehicle for communication rather than as a subject to study. Seeing learners as social agents implies involving them in the learning process.

The learning of ‘other’ languages will lead to a more in-depth understanding of ‘other’ societies and cultures and of the diversity and multiplicity of today’s globalised societies and through literature you’ll expand your mind, gaining understanding and experiencing other systems of living and other worlds.

About the LSE Language Centre About the LSE Language Centre
Featuring staff and students from the LSE Language Centre, ‘About the LSE Language Centre’ is a short film showcasing the programmes and courses offered, opportunities to study abroad and how languages are taught at LSE. LSE Film & Audio

Learning support

If you are a current member of LSE feel free to approach us with any queries regarding our courses, services and language learning support. Our learning support resources on Moodle as well as our expert advice on language learning are available to all current LSE members. Check the following moodle pages for opportunities to practice languages, like Tandem Learning or to find resources online.

LSE Language Community: Exchange, Volunteer, Practise Languages

In the section LSE Language Community you will find;

  • Tandem Learning: Find a buddy to exchange languages
  • Conversation Circles: Informal discussion groups led by volunteer facilitators. Attend and/or volunteer
  • Bitesize Speaking: 1-2-1 speaking practice led by a volunteer. 15 mins to practice a language point of your choosing
  • Improvisation sessions: in English and Spanish only. Practice speaking and listening through improv activities and games
  • Multilingual London: find events in London, meet other students and organise outings

Language Gateway: Online resources and skills for independent study

The Language Gateway acts as a filter to language resources online. Find here:

  • Resources by languages
  • Language Learning Skills
  • Tips for Online Language Learning
  • Digital Resource Finder
  • Language Centre Film Catalogue