Ms Mihi Kang

Ms Mihi Kang

Language Teacher (Korean)

Language Centre

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English, Korean
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Korean Language Teaching

About me

I am a native Korean speaker. I have taught Korean at various institutions including universities in the UK, South Korea as well as for the UK government. I am interested in many modern languages and how people learn and use them. This is why I studied an MA in Applied Linguistics and Language Pedagogy at SOAS. I am currently investigating teaching methodologies including learning purposes, learners’ language backgrounds and cultural aspects of learning. My main interest is in second language acquisition and the learning process for second languages. I enjoy listening to learners’ language experiences including Korean and their native languages and different cultural elements that can bring diverse language use. Sharing these things always excites me and I believe that it inspires us to understand modern languages in practice. 

Expertise Details

Second Language Acquisition

About the Language Centre

LSE is a centre for the study of the social sciences and this is reflected in its Language Centre.

Our courses focus on language and society, encouraging you to learn how to use language in the contexts you would like to live, study and work in. We teach people to speak languages, but also teach about language (socio-linguistics and intercultural communication) and offer a range of courses on literature and society. 

We offer English for Academic Purposes programmes, BSc programmes a range of undergraduate degree courses that can be taken as part of a degree and a range of language options that can be taken outside of a degree programme. All programmes and courses relate language study and support to the fields of interest of social science students.