Standard 5 week intensive course in English

  • Language Centre – Presessional
  • Language Centre
  • LSE code LN905
  • Starting N/A
  • Short course: Not yet open
  • Location: Houghton Street, London

This course is suitable for students with a conditional offer to study a taught postgraduate course at LSE. We are also happy to accept students with a conditional offer to undertake an MPhil/PhD programme. If you have an offer that is conditional upon meeting English language requirements, you must submit an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) certificate, or another test recognised by LSE, showing that you meet the entry requirements for LN905. This certificate must be less than two years old.

Entry requirements

LN905 Entry Requirements
 LSE Requirement IELTS (Academic) Overall ReadingListening Writing Speaking 
 A. Standard  7.0  6.5  6.5  6.5  6.5
 LN905  6.5  6.0  6.0  6.0  6.0
 B. Higher  7.0  7.0  6.5  6.5  6.5
 LN905  6.5  6.5  6.0  6.0  6.0
 C. Research programmes MPhil/PhD programmes (except Law  7.0  7.0  6.5  7.0  6.5
 LN905  6.5  6.5  6.0  6.5  6.0
 D. Law programmes – all programmes in the Law Department, including MPhil/PhD Law  7.5  7.0  7.0  7.0  6.5
 LN905  7.0  7.0  7.0  6.5  6.0


  • The LSE Test simulates the sort of tasks students will have at LSE and you will be given more detailed information when you arrive.
  • Assessment is via a combination of coursework and examination and will cover the four key skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking, recognising the integrated nature of these skills in an academic context.
  • Typical assessment tasks may include:
    • Essays
    • Oral Presentations
    • Seminar discussions
    • Listening to lectures
    • Reading academic articles

Programme details

Classes and teaching methods

We keep classes small to maintain high quality teaching so there won’t be more than 16 students in a group. Our classes are interactive and we have a friendly, welcoming atmosphere but you will still be expected to work hard.

Course content

On our presessional courses you will practise the academic English and skills needed to complete academic tasks such as:

  • writing academic essays

  • reading academic texts

  • listening to lectures & taking notes

  • participating in seminar discussions

  • presenting complex issues

EAP presessional programme overview

Our presessional courses are for students who wish to improve their academic English before beginning a taught postgraduate course at LSE. Students will learn more about studying at LSE and will develop a solid foundation from which to succeed. Successful completion of LN905 is a way to fulfil the language requirements of a conditional offer to study at LSE, but the course is much more than that and you will see the benefits throughout your time studying at LSE.


Small group tutorials

In addition to classes, one of our expert teachers will be your designated tutor for the duration of the programme. They will provide feedback on tasks you complete during the programme and will monitor your progress throughout the course.


Teaching team

All our teachers are fully qualified and combine extensive teaching experience with an EAP specialism in one or more of the subjects offered by LSE departments.


What is English for Academic Purposes (EAP)?

Our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programmes focus on the skills required to perform successfully in an English speaking academic environment across the core subject areas you will encounter during your time at LSE.

We have presessional programmes if you are about to commence study at LSE. These give you an excellent foundation for your studies at LSE. Also, passing the LSE Language Test is one way of fulfilling your LSE English language requirement.

We also have insessional programmes to support you during your time at LSE. These are taken alongside your other subjects and focus on the specific linguistic demands of your field, for example Law or Management.

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