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Human Security, Violence Reduction and Security Governance in Cities - Intensive Programme

This unique programme provides a fresh and innovative approach to key challenges associated to reducing violence and improving security in cities, as well as the opportunity to be part of a global community of leaders with new skills to develop effective responses to these challenges.

The programme will provide new intellectual skills to understand the relationship between contemporary processes of urbanization and  dynamics of violence and insecurity in cities


The programme is designed to enhance the capacity of stakeholders to better understand and respond to increasingly complex and multidimensional forms of insecurity and violence in cities using a human-centred approach. 

Through this programme you will learn how to apply new concepts and analytical frameworks to better understand drivers of violence, as well as gain practical skills to develop strategies that contribute to building safer cities where protection and wellbeing are  available for all.  

Through a series of lectures and seminars designed by experts the programme will provide you with new intellectual skills to understand the relationship between contemporary processes of urbanization and dynamics of violence and insecurity in cities. 

Specially designed field visits to key sites in London will also help you challenge conventional wisdom on what works to improve urban security and how to measure it, as well as re-imagine governance structures and processes that are relevant to the urban context you operate in. 

The programme is designed to enable policy-makers, civil society and practitioners from a diverse range of nationalities and work experiences, to exchange ideas on how to tackle complex urban security challenges, making it a unique experience of intellectual and practical skills enhancement and networking. 


Programme Details

Key Facts


Key Facts

Start Date 

November 2023

Application Deadline



Week Intensive Programme, Requires one week in London

Tuition Fee

£ 2650 

Language Requirements

Standard English required (Simultaneous interpretation in Spanish available).


A Maximum of 25 Participants



Entry Requirements

This programme is for policy makers and practitioners with experience in violence prevention and security policy. Applications from candidates with postgraduate degrees and interest in this policy area will be considered.

Please submit the following documents to by September 2nd.

  • CV or Resume
  • Statement of interest: Include your interest and suitability for the program, what you hope to get out of the program and what you think you can bring to the class.


Total Programme fees: £ 2650 

The fees do not include travel, accommodation or meals.

Participants are responsible for their own visa requirements. We cannot provide advice on this matter.

Programme Structure and Courses

Curriculum Overview 

The programme offers a fresh perspective on key topics concerning violence reduction and the provision of security in cities. Lectures and seminars will cover the fundamentals regarding the most pervasive forms of violence and crime from an urban and human-centred perspective.  Through critical and constructive dialogues with experts who have been studying and working on these issues in some of the cities and communities most affected by violence, the programme will challenge the way you think about violence reduction and security governance in cities. By using London as a hub to critically look at responses and practical challenges on the ground in this and other cities, the programme will also help  develop strategic thinking and creativity to work in different urban contexts.  


Please find a sample of the programme schedule here.


Teaching Faculty



Dr Alexandra Abello-Colak - Programme Coordinator

Gareth Jones

Prof Gareth Jones - Professor of Urban Geography in the Department of Geography and Environment

Jenny Pearce

Prof Jenny Pearce - Research Professor at the Latin America and Caribbean Centre


Dr Mary Martin - Director of the UN Business and Human Security Initiative

Janet-Foster-Cropped-200x200Dr Janet Foster - Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology

Contact us


Mariann Sarquis-Sepúlveda - Programme Admissions Manager

We encourage you to contact us to discuss the programme.