Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Justice, Equity and TechnologyTable serves as essential sounding board and critical friend in relation to the overall direction and activities of the Table.

Bogdan Kulynych

Bogdan  Kulynych 

PhD researcher at EPFL Security and Privacy Engineering Lab (SPRING).  

Bogdan Kulynych works on privacy and security as related to socio-technical systems. His interest is in studying the harmful effects of machine learning, algorithmic, and optimization systems, and, leveraging security and privacy techniques and principles, developing defences against these harmful effects. Bogdan is also a co-organizer of the Participatory Approaches to Machine Learning workshop. 


Eric Kind

Eric Kind

Managing Director at AWO 

AWO is a new agency of lawyers, policy experts, technology analysts and applied ethicists orking to shape, apply and enforce data rights.  
Eric Kind works as a legal and public policy expert in technology, society and human rights, with particularly deep expertise on surveillance technology law and practice. He previously led public policy development efforts around complex technology policy areas such as security and intelligence, dual use export controls, artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision making, gig economy and the future of work, cyber security, competition, data protection, and platform accountability. He has also led coalitions of NGOs reforming surveillance laws and was the Deputy Director at Privacy International. 


Sara Lalic

Sara Lalić  

Program Coordinator at Centre for Peace Studies 

The Centre for Peace Studies is a civil society organization based in Zagreb, Croatia, working on refugee and integration topics through education, research, advocacy and activism.  
Sarah Lalić has been working as a researcher and policy analyst in the fields of human rights and combating discrimination, racism, and xenophobia. She is an editor of several publications in the field of combating discrimination. Sara Lalić studied sociology and comparative literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb.  


Sarah Chander-photo-credit-Andreea-Belu

Sarah Chander

Senior Policy Advisor at European Digital Rights (EDRi)  

EDRi is the biggest European network defending rights and freedoms online.  Sarah Chander leads EDRi's policy work on AI and non-discrimination with respect to digital rights. She is interested in building thoughtful, resilient movements and she looks to make links between the digital and other social justice movements. Sarah has experience in racial and social justice, previously she worked in advocacy at the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), on a wide range of topics including anti-discrimination law and policy, intersectional justice, state racism, racial profiling and police brutality. Before that she worked on youth employment policy for the UK civil service. She was actively involved in movements against immigration detention. She holds a masters in Migration, Mobility and Development from SOAS, University of London and a Law Degree from the University of Warwick. 


Nani Jansen Reventlow

Nani Jansen Reventlow

Nani Jansen is currently the Director of the Digital Freedom Fund. She is a recognised international lawyer and expert in human rights litigation responsible for groundbreaking freedom of expression cases across several national and international jurisdictions. Nani is also a Lecturer in Law at Columbia Law School and Adjunct Professor at the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University. Nani is based in Berlin.