Hadrien T. Saperstein

Hadrien T. Saperstein

PhD candidate

Department of International Relations

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English, French, Thai
Key Expertise
Strategic Thought, War Theory, International Security, Futurism, Thailand

About me

Hadrien T. Saperstein is a PhD student in the Department of International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Researcher affiliated with the Asia Center think tank in Paris, France, analysing Thailand’s military, maritime, and outer space affairs.

Hadrien completed an MA in War Studies from King’s College, London, and an MA in International Security from Institut d'études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po, PSIA). He also holds a Double Honors Research BA in Asian Military History and Political Science from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

Research topic

Small Navies and International Maritime Society: New Theories of Sea Power in the Southeast Asia Region

Academic supervisor

Jürgen Haacke

Teaching experience

2016: Student Instructor: Political History of the World, Honors College, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Research Centre affliation

Asia Centre, Paris, France

Research Cluster affiliation

Security and Statecraft Research Cluster



Expertise Details

My scholarship specialises on strategic thought and strategic foresight and warning in the Southeast region; with a focus on Thailand’s military apparatus.

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