Julie Lespinasse

Julie Lespinasse

PhD candidate

Department of International Relations

English, French, Italian, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish
Key Expertise
International Organisations, Democratisation, Public Policy

About me

Research topic

Exploring the Influence of International Organisations on Democratisation

Teaching Experience

  • IR391 ⁠Globalisation and the State in Developing Countries (LSE)
  • IR380 The Politics of Inequality and Development (LSE)
  • ⁠IR203 International Organisations (LSE)
  • SP112 The Politics of Social Policy (LSE)


Ulrich Sedelmeier

Theresa Squatrito

Research Cluster affliation

International Institutions, Law and Ethics Research Cluster

Expertise Details

International Organisations; Democratisation; Public Policy; Development; the Politics of Inequality