Marissa Kemp

Marissa Kemp

PhD candidate

Department of International Relations

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Key Expertise
Autonomous robots, warfare and technology, international ethics

About me

Before joining the International Relations Department, I completed my Bachelor of Humanities and my Master of Arts in International Relations at Carleton University, Canada.

Drawing on my interdisciplinary background, my current work explores the ways in which emerging military technologies, and particularly autonomous weapons technologies, may reconfigure the social, cultural, legal, and ethical landscapes of military practice. With a particular interest in how military professionals interact with, and relate to, these new systems, my research foregrounds human agency and the individual experiences of the human soldiers behind the machines.

Supported by funding from the LSE Studentship scheme and the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, my research incorporates voices from the military community into ongoing academic and policy discussions about technology, security, and the future of war. Ultimately, I aim to draw theoretical insights and unique empirical data together in an attempt to better understand how the military profession is changing in an age of robotic weapons.

Research topic

Autonomous and robotic military technology, professionalism and identity, and the future of war

Teaching experience

IR305 Strategic Aspects of International Relations (LSE)
IR100 Great Thinkers and Pivotal Leaders: Shaping the Global Order (LSE)

Academic supervisor

Mark Hoffman


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Expertise Details

Autonomous robots; warfare and technology; international ethics