Sophie Kaldor

Sophie Kaldor

PhD candidate

Department of International Relations

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English, German
Key Expertise
US Foreign Policy, Vietnam War, Narratives, Behavioural psychology

About me

Sophie Kaldor is a PhD in International Relations candidate at LSE exploring how narratives affect foreign policy decision-making using mixed-methods analysis. She takes an inter-disciplinary approach to her research, combining insights from psychology, sociology and international relations.

Sophie completed her MA Global Affairs at Yale’s Jackson School, with a concentration in countering disinformation and violent extremism. Throughout her studies Sophie has worked for Adam Smith International, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, and as a research assistant to Zoe Chance (Yale SOM) and Claire Yorke (Centre for War Studies). Prior to her MA, Sophie was an analyst at an insurable risk advisory firm. Sophie holds a BA (Languages) (Honours) from Sydney University, for which she won the University Medal.

Research topic

Narrative Thinking and Presidential Choice: The Story Behind U.S. Grand Strategy Under Uncertainty

Teaching experience

  • IR101 Contemporary Issues in IR (LSE)
  • IR211 America as a Global Power: from FDR to Biden (LSE)

Academic supervisor

Professor Peter Trubowitz

Research Cluster affiliation

Security and Statecraft Research Cluster


Expertise Details

Great Power Competition; US Foreign Policy; Vietnam War; Narratives; Morality; Behavioural Psychology.

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