Elizabeth Humphrey

Elizabeth Humphrey

PhD candidate

Department of International Relations

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English, French, Persian, Russian
Key Expertise
Tajikistan, state formation, labour remittances, illicit gold trade

About me

Elizabeth is a second year ESRC-funded PhD student in the Department of International Relations, supervised by Professor Jens Meierhenrich.

Elizabeth's research seeks to understand how the state is constituted by decentralised and international processes, with particular focus on transnational labour migration patterns and remittance economies. She takes as her core case post-Soviet Tajikistan and labour migration flows across borders with Russia, Kazakhstan, and China.

Elizabeth holds a Master's in Development Studies with Distinction from LSE and a BA (Honors) in Government from Georgetown University. Before starting her PhD, Elizabeth worked as a financial crime researcher specialising in illicit gold flows from East Africa to the international market. She has also worked as a political risk analyst for the natural resource sector.  

Research topic

Constituting the State: Labour Migration, Remittances, and Decentralised State Formation in Post-Soviet Tajikistan

Academic supervisor

Jens Meierhenrich

Research Cluster affiliation

Security and Statecraft Research Cluster


Expertise Details

Central Asia; Tajikistan; state formation; labour migration and remittances; geopolitics of state building; informal mining