David Eichert

David Eichert

PhD candidate

Department of International Relations

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English, French
Key Expertise
international law, sexual violence, feminism, LGBT, international courts

About me

I study international courts and lawyers, with a primary focus on how discourse about conflict-related sexual violence is reproduced and contested in international criminal law spaces. My work builds upon poststructural, feminist, and queer IR theory to trace how prosecutors, diplomats, judges, and NGOs interpret claims of sexual violence. As a case study, I examine the role of gendered narratives in justice efforts for the Rohingya genocide, including the ongoing cases in The Hague. I am also interested in broader questions of international law, drawing from critical legal theory to examine how the colonial and gendered logics of law influence the current politics of international justice.

In addition to my PhD research, I am a visiting scholar at the Paris Human Rights Centre (CRDH) at the Université Paris-Panthéon-Assas; I was also a visiting scholar at the Center for International Criminal Justice at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in early 2022. I currently teach at Sciences Po in France and previously worked as a research assistant for the GCRF Gender, Justice and Security Hub. At LSE, I am affiliated with the Mannheim Doctoral Working Group at the Mannheim Centre for Criminology and serve on the editorial board of Millennium: Journal of International Studies.

I am on the job market and welcome any questions from search committee members. I previously earned a JD from Cornell Law School, where I worked as an Articles Editor for the Cornell International Law Journal. Prior to that, I earned an MA from New York University and a BA from Brigham Young University. I use any pronouns.

Research topic

The construction, reproduction, and contestation of sexual victimhood discourse in international criminal law


Mark Hoffman

Johann Koehler

Laura Sjoberg

Research Cluster affliation

International Institutions, Law and Ethics Research Cluster

Theory/Area/History Research Cluster



Expertise Details

International Law; International Criminal Tribunals; Sexual Violence; Feminist IR; Queer IR; Crimes Against Humanity; Rohingya Genocide; Law & Society