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Chris Deacon

PhD candidate

Department of International Relations

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English, Japanese
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Japan, South Korea, North Korea, East Asian politics

About me

I am an ESRC doctoral researcher at the LSE’s Department of International Relations. I hold a first-class BA in Asian & Middle Eastern Studies (Japanese Studies) from the University of Cambridge, a distinction-grade MA in Korean Studies and East Asian Politics from SOAS University of London, and a distinction-grade MSc in International Relations (Research) from the LSE. My MSc dissertation won the LSE’s Martin Wight Dissertation Prize for the best performance on the course.

I am also a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales (non-practising), having previously worked as an international competition lawyer at the London law firm Slaughter and May, as well as spending time on secondment at Anderson Mori & Tomotsune in Tokyo.

My academic interests centre on questions of identity in (international) politics, their construction, contestation, and relationship with foreign policy and transnational interactions. In this regard, I make use of critical constructivist and poststructuralist theoretical approaches to IR in my research. This thematic and theoretical approach combines with my regional expertise in East Asia – especially Japan and the Koreas – to result in my current particular interest in the role of memory and identity in Japan-South Korea relations, as per my PhD research. I am also currently interested in competing national identities in South Korea vis-à-vis the North, as well as representations of East Asian states (especially China and North Korea) in UK and US political discourse and foreign policymaking.

Research topic

Unending past? Memory, identity and the ‘history problem’ in Japan-South Korea relations

My PhD research investigates the production and reproduction of the so-called ‘history problem’ in Japan-South Korea relations. It does so principally through discourse analytical methods, examining the discursive construction of Japanese and (South) Korean identities vis-à-vis each other/Other through representations of the past, including both dominant/official and alternative representations.

Teaching experience

Academic supervisor

Professor William A Callahan


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Japan; South Korea; North Korea; East Asia; foreign policy; memory; identity; representations; critical constructivism/poststructuralism; discourse analysis

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