Albert Cullell Cano

Albert Cullell Cano

PhD candidate

Department of International Relations

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Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Key Expertise
Critical Peacebuilding Studies, Psychoanalysis, Conflict, Nationalism

About me

Albert is a PhD candidate in International Relations at LSE, funded with an LSE PhD Studentship. He also serves as current Editor of Millennium: Journal of International Studies, Vol 52.

He is also a Research Analyst at London Politica, where he regularly publishes geopolitical risk analysis and reports, and has worked as a Research Assistant at the ERC-funded research project ‘States, Nationalism, and the Relationship between Ethnic Diversity and Public Goods Provision’ (ETHNICGOODS), hosted by the Institut Barcelona Estudis Internationals (IBEI). Additionally, he has participated in the inter-university research Cluster of Excellence ‘Contestations of the Liberal Scripts - SCRIPTS’, hosted by Freie Universität Berlin. There he published his Master’s thesis as a working paper about Chinese peacebuilding.

He holds an MSc in International Security from the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals, during which he undertook an exchange programme in Political Science at Freie Universität Berlin. He also holds MAs in Contemporary Philosophy and Pedagogy, and BAs in Philosophy and English Studies, from the Universitat de Barcelona.

Research topic

Liberal Peacebuilding and National Identity Formation in Post-Brexit Northern Ireland

Drawing on critical theory and Lacanian-Žižekian psychoanalysis, his research critically intervenes in the intersection among liberal ideology, peacebuilding policies and national identity formation. Thus, he intends to apply this political-psychological theory-building to liberal peacebuilding efforts in Northern Ireland from 1998 to the present, showcasing Brexit as the failure of reconciliation between the two communities in the region.

Teaching experience

Teacher of Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology, and English at high school level for eight years in Barcelona.

Academic supervisor

Mark Hoffman

Research Cluster affiliation

Security and Statecraft Research Cluster

Theory/Area/History Research Cluster



Expertise Details

Critical Theory; Poststructuralism; Lacanian Psychoanalysis; Žižek; Liberal internationalism; Peacebuilding; Conflict resolution; National identity formation; Nationalism; Northern Ireland; Brexit; UK politics; Chinese foreign policy.