Dr Vuk Vuksanovic

Dr Vuk Vuksanovic

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Department of International Relations

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English, Serbian
Key Expertise
Serbia, Balkans, geopolitics/foreign policy Russia and West, Turkey, China

About me

Born in Belgrade, Serbia, I hold BA and MA degrees in international politics from Faculty of Political  Science, University of Belgrade, and an MSc degree in Theory and History of International relations at LSE. In 2020, I completed my PhD in the Department of International Relations at LSE.  I worked for five years with several NGO’s in Serbia, two years as a diplomat in Serbian Foreign Ministry, and two years as political risk consultant before commencing my PhD. During my time in consultancy and governmental sector I have dealt with great power politics in several regions, ranging from the Balkans, Turkey and the Middle East. I also have a professional history of conducting research and analysis on foreign and security policies of Russia, China and the US. I provided media commentary in English and Serbian on all of these issues. Since April 2020, I am an associate at LSE IDEAS, LSE's foreign policy think tank.

Research topic

Systemic pressures, party politics and foreign policy: Serbia between Russia and the West, 2008-2020

My PhD was on Serbian balancing act between Russia and the West since 2008, where I find intersection between Serbian domestic politics and wider relationship between Russia and the West. My research deals with geopolitics and foreign policy of great powers, particularly in the Balkans, but have a professional history of conducting analytical and research work on geopolitics of other regions as well.

Academic supervisor

Dr Spyros Economides


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Expertise Details

Serbia; Balkans; geopolitics and foreign policy of Russia and the West; Turkey; China; Iran

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