Dr Johanna Rodehau-Noack

Dr Johanna Rodehau-Noack

PhD alumnus

Department of International Relations

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Key Expertise
war, conflict prevention, knowledge production, international security

About me

Johanna received her PhD from the Department of International Relations at LSE in June 2022. She is an editor of Millennium: Journal of International Studies vol 48.1 and 48.2.

She holds a BA in International Development and an MA in Political Science from the University of Vienna, Austria.

Research topic

In my research, I examine ‘war’ and ‘armed conflict' as objects of international governance, ie, an issue that is deemed to require a global effort to be resolved. I argue that war was constructed as a problem in interlocking processes of defining war as cataclysmic, making it an international phenomenon through quantification and latching it onto existing issues such as Christian ethics, civilisational ideals and cost-benefit rationality. My research expands our understanding of how governance objects are constructed and sheds light on the underlying conceptions that make some policies and agendas appear feasible and desirable while precluding others. I am also interested in research ethics, qualitative methods, and international security and international intervention more broadly.

Teaching experience

  • IR205 International Security (LSE)
  • IR210 Building Democracies from Conflict (LSE Summer Course)
  • EF2 Introduction to International Development (University of Vienna)
  • TEF A Transdisciplinary Research in Development Studies (University of Vienna)

Academic supervisors

Dr Kirsten Ainley
Dr Milli Lake


Expertise Details

war; conflict prevention; knowledge production; international security

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