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Dr Jonny Hall

Dr Jonny Hall

PhD alumnus

Department of International Relations

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Key Expertise
Counterterrorism; war; US foreign policy; public opinion; rhetoric

About me

My research looks at the relationship between the American public and the wars waged in their name, particularly with regards to the ongoing War on Terror through the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations. As such, I am especially interested in the varying impact of different warfighting strategies upon the American public, and the different legitimation attempts by U.S. presidents of their war policies. My dissertation contends that war has become normalised at a societal level during the War on Terror. 

More broadly, I am interested in most parts of U.S. foreign policy in contemporary times. You can find my occasional musings on these topics on LSE US Centre's blog on American Politics and Policy and for LSE Review of Books.     

Research topic

The Normalisation of War: From the Korean War to the War on Terror

Teaching experience

  • IR101 Contemporary Issues in International Relations (LSE)
  • IR202 Foreign Policy Analysis (LSE)
  • IR411 Foreign Policy Analysis (LSE)

Not available to supervise PhD students

Academic supervisor

Professor Christopher Coker



Expertise Details

Counterterrorism; war; US foreign policy; public opinion; rhetoric; discourse

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