Professor Toby Dodge

Professor Toby Dodge

Professor of International Relations

Department of International Relations

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Middle East, Iraq

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Toby is a Professor in the Department of International Relations. He is also Kuwait Professor and Director of the Kuwait Programme, Middle East Centre. Toby currently serves as Iraq Research Director for the DFID-funded Conflict Research Programme (CRP). From 2013–18, Toby was Director of the Middle East Centre.

Toby's research concentrates on the evolution of the post-colonial state in the international system. The main focus of this work on the developing world is the state in the Middle East, specifically Iraq:

  • The shift from the colonial to the post colonial with the birth and evolution of the state in Iraq.

  • The use of coercive diplomacy in the post cold war world.

  • How the application of sanctions on Iraq transformed the state, society and the economy.

  • The Bush doctrine, the reordering of international relations and intervention in 'rogue' states.

  • The causes and consequences of regime change in Iraq.

  • The descent of Iraq into civil war.

  • The development of American Counter insurgency doctrine and its application to Iraq.



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Iraq; Middle East; state formation; international relations; regime change

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