Dr Tarsis Brito

Dr Tarsis Brito

IRD Fellow

Department of International Relations

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English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Key Expertise
IR Theory; Border and Migration Studies; Security; Race and Colonialism

About me

I am a fellow at the Department of International Relations at LSE. Originally from Teresina, Brazil, I hold a BA in International Relations from the University of Brasilia (UnB), an MSc in International Relations Theory (distinction) from LSE, and a PhD in International Relations from LSE. I have served as Co-Editor and Associate Editor at Millennium: Journal of international Studies (vols. 50-51) and as Coordinator at Doing International Political Sociology PhD Series (2022-23). My fields of interest include — but are not limited to — International Relations Theory, Critical Security Studies, Border and Migration Studies, Post- and De-colonial Studies, Race and Empire, International Political Sociology, Gender Studies, Political Geography, Posthumanism, and so forth.

Research topic

My current research can be broadly divided into two main parts. The first is a monograph titled ‘Bordering Humanity, Securing Whiteness: Race, Colonialism, and Border Violence in Europe’. This book project can be seen as a major theorisation of the relationship between borders, colonialism, and white supremacy in the Global North. Reassessing borders as ‘colonial afterlives’, it analyses the historical and contemporary role of border security in reproducing, reinforcing, and policing colonial and racial hierarchies. Part of this research has been published in outlets such as International Political Sociology and Review of International Studies. The second part of my research can be seen as a major theoretical engagement with disciplinary International Relations from a postcolonial and critical race studies perspective. This includes 1) a constructive postcolonial critique of new materialist and posthumanist ontologies — awarded ISA Best Pre-PhD IR theory paper and an honorary mention by ISA IPS Best Graduate Paper – and 2) a working paper that addresses IR’s engagements with movement and mobility from a postcolonial and angle. 

Teaching experience

  • IREL – 185329 Contemporary International Relations Theories (University of Brasilia/UnB)
  • IR205 - International Security (LSE)
  • IR 487 – International Relations: Critical Perspectives (LSE - MSc)
  • IR 4A2 – International Relations: Global Applications (LSE - MSc)

Research Cluster affiliation

Theory/Area/History Research Cluster


Expertise Details

International Relations Theory; Critical Security Studies; Border and Migration Studies; Post- and De-colonial Studies; Race and Empire; International Political Sociology; Gender Studies; Political Geography; Posthumanism

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