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Opportunities for undergraduates in the Department of International Relations

The internship broadened my knowledge of what it means to do research, expanded my knowledge of the field…, and introduced new perspectives from which to study international relations.

Jael Tan, BSc International Relations

The internship provided me fantastic exposure to advanced qualitative and quantitative research techniques…

Jeremy Burey-Abraham, BSc International Relations

It strengthened my research skills, analytical skills, and like any part-time job alongside your degree, time management and organisation skills.

Milena Sagawa-Krasny, BSc International Relations


Funded by donations from LSE Alumni, our Undergraduate Research Internship Scheme and the LSE Internship Fund provide our undergraduate students with the exciting opportunity to enhance their studies and time at LSE.

Whether you’d like experience as a Research Assistant, or to work within a relevant organisation of your choice, find out more about these unique opportunities.

Undergraduate Research Internship Scheme - 2021 applications now closed

Considering a career in research?

A career in research may seem daunting, and you may be unsure if it’s the right path for you. Doing a research internship is a fantastic opportunity to:

  • Gain valuable research and work experience.
  • Apply knowledge from your undergraduate studies to real-world research.
  • Get a feel for what a career in academia has to offer.
  • Enhance your employability.
  • Learn new skills.

Your internship 

As an Undergraduate Research Intern, you will assist a faculty member in the Department with an ongoing research project. Further information on the research projects available for 2021-22 is below.

For further information on the duration of the internship and rate of pay please read the Internship Guidance.

Am I eligible?

The Undergraduate Research Internship is open to all 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students in the International Relations Department, including students undertaking a joint degree. It is also open to International Relations General Course students taking 200- and 300-level courses in the department. Selection will be based on student academic performance and the fit between faculty research needs and student skill-sets. Students must be resident in the UK to participate in this programme. 

You are responsible for checking your own visa regulations (if applicable) and confirming you are permitted to work on the project.

How to apply

The deadline of 11.59pm on Monday 25 October 2021 has now passed and applications are closed.

Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email by the end of Monday 8 November. If you have any queries or problems please contact ir.comms@lse.ac.uk

Research Projects 2021-22

LSE International Relations Internship Fund - applications now closed

Are you considering doing a summer internship with a UK Charity or small to medium-sized company? 

The deadline of 14 February 2022 for applying for the LSE International Relations Internship Fund Scheme has now passed. 

The Internship Fund Scheme is open to 1st and 2nd year undergraduates including Joint Honours students. The scheme invites eligible students who are interested in undertaking an internship, that would otherwise be unpaid, to apply for funding. 

What is the Internship Fund Scheme?

The International Relations Internship Fund Scheme provides funding for a limited number of internships within a charity or small to medium sized enterprise* (SME) each year. This enables a number of students to receive funding for an internship that would be otherwise be unpaid and therefore might not be possible to do. 

Am I eligible? 

  • Open to 1st and 2nd year International Relations undergraduate students, including Joint Honours students

    You are not eligible to apply if you have already received funding via the Internship Fund Scheme in a previous year or are in receipt of support from another LSE Careers work-based learning/internship programme, or the International Relations research assistant programme. 
  • You don’t need to have an internship secured to apply

What does the scheme offer? 

  • A grant of £1547 (equivalent to London living wage salary)
  • Internships must be for 140 hours and take place between 20 June and 5 September 2022
  • Funding is for internships with a registered UK Charity or SME based in the UK, that would otherwise be unpaid

How can I apply?  

The deadline of 14 February 2022 has now passed and applications are closed.

We aim to notify all successful applicants by 4 March 2022.

If you have any queries or problems please contact ir.comms@lse.ac.uk


Application forms will be assessed by LSE Careers and the department. You will then be notified as to whether your application has been successful or not.

You do not need to have an internship secured in order to apply for funding. If your initial application for funding is approved, you will then have several weeks to source an internship.

What happens if I am shortlisted to receive this grant?  

  • We aim to notify all successful applicants by 4 March 2022
  • You’ll have until 13 May 2022 to source and secure an internship and notify LSE Careers. Students can self-source their internship or apply to internships via the scheme (with the support of LSE Careers).

    LSE will not provide a guaranteed internship as part of this scheme but you will be invited to attend a compulsory careers seminar, designed to provide more guidance on how to find an internship. You will also be invited to attend a one to one careers appointment with an LSE Careers Consultant
  • Internships will be confirmed and approved by 6 June 2022

If you have any questions about the scheme please contact careers@lse.ac.uk and use the subject heading ‘Internship Fund Scheme’.


* EU definition of SME: The organisation has less than 250 employees and annual turnover does not exceed €50 million or annual balance sheet total does not exceed €43 million 

If you are an alumnus and would like to support these internship funds, please visit the Regular Giving webpage.

We are committed to providing transformational opportunities beyond the classroom in line with LSE's Student Futures programme. This activity contributes to 'Investigating and Researching'.