Research Papers and Policy Reports


 Local agreements - an introduction to the special issue

February 2022

by Mary Kaldor, Marika Theros and Rim Turkmani

Land Governance and the Conflict in South Sudan

Land Governance and the Conflict in South Sudan

October 2021

by David K. Deng


Foundational justice: a strategy for peace in the Horn of Africa

August 2021

by Rachel Ibreck and Alex de Waal

Researching in Conflict

Researching in Conflict: Interviews from the Bridge Network Archive

July 2021

The Bridge Network in partnership with Jimmy Awany

Sudan's Political Marketplace 2021

Sudan's Political Marketplace in 2021

May 2021

by Jean-Baptiste Gallopin, Eddie Thomas, Sarah Detzner and Alex de Waal

Available in English and Arabic


Chief's Courts, Hunger, and Improving Humanitarian Programming in South Sudan

March 2021

by Chris Newton, Bol Mawien, Chirrilo Madut, Elizabeth Gray, and Naomi R. Pendle


Education, Conflict, and Civicness in South Sudan: An Introduction

February 2021

by Julia Duany, Rebecca Lorins, and Edward Thomas


Bridging Divisions in a War-torn State: Reflections on education and civicness in South Sudan

February 2021

by Rachel Ibreck, Naomi Pendle, Alice Robinson and the Bridge Network


Publications by Year



Sustaining momentum: Seizing the opportunity for SSR in Sudan

June 2020

by Mulugeta Gebrehiwot Berhe and Sarah Detzner



Deraa Province: Conflict Dynamics and the Role of Civil Society

April 2020

by Sohaib al-Zoabi

Also available to read in Arabic.



The Political Economy of Economic Policy in Iraq

March 2020

by Alexander Hamilton


Food and Power in Somalia: Business as Usual?

January 2020

by Susanne Jaspars, Guhad M. Adan and Nisar Majid

sweida conflict dynamics

Sweida: Conflict Dynamics and the Role of Civil Society

January 2020

by Taim Zaidan

Also available to read in Arabic.




The Security Arena in South Sudan: A Political Marketplace Study 

December 2019

by Alan Boswell, Nanaho Yamanaka, Aditya Sarkar and Alex de Waal

syrian visions-mapping

Syrian Visions: Mapping Syrian Constitutional Papers since 2011

October 2019

by Rim Turkmani and Hamed Mohammad Saffour

commonalities and divergences-syria

An Analysis of Commonalities and Divergences of Syrian Constitutional Papers since 2011

October 2019

by Hamed Mohammad Saffour, Rim Turkmani and Mazen Gharibah


A process in its own right: the Syrian Civil Society Support Room

June 2019

by Rim Turkmani and Marika Theros


Progress in the wrong direction: The 2018 Local Council Elections in Syria

February 2019

by Rim Turkmani, Mazen Gharibah and Myriam Youssef




Local Elections in a Post-Agreement Syria

December 2018

by Mazen Gharibah

security sector reform somalia

The Security Sector Reform Paradox in Somalia

October 2018

by Abdeta Dribssa Beyene



Peacekeeping in a difficult neighbourhood: The case of South Sudan

October 2018

by Dawit Yohannes Wondemagegnehu


The 2018 Iraqi federal elections: a population in transition? 

August 2018

by Renad Mansour and Christine van den Toorn