Panel 1: Sexual Violence and Consent

Nora Helal,  ‘“I Have the Freedom and Capacity to Shag… or do I?” Challenging the Definition of “Consent” under the Sexual Offences Act 2003’ 

Anna Iluridze, ‘Nation, State, and the Sexual Representation of the Need for War

Andrew Pitt, ‘Recognising Male-victims of Sexual Violence in War: a Pathway to Gender Equality?

Nicci Shall, ‘“I will tell a story of grief, and you will listen”: Questioning the Importance of Speaking Out about Sexual Violence

Panel 2: Embodiment, Pleasure and Pain

Honor Mishcon, ‘Into The Abyss: The Affective Experience of Sexual Pain and a New Perspective in Understanding the Female Sexual Self’

Isobel Talks, ‘Why Censor Female Ejaculation? Tensions in the Taxonomy of Female Pleasure

Leonie Taylor, ‘Can We Fuck Our Way to Freedom? Investigating the Potential of Bisexuality for a Feminist Theory of Sexual Pleasure

Panel 3: Race, Sexuality and Nation 

Binta Bajaha, ‘Postcolonial Amnesia: the Construction of Homosexuality as “Un-African”’ 

Pilar Barreyro, ‘Fetishizing the Future: Deconstructing the United States’ Obsession with the Mixed-Race American Ideal

Fenella Green, ‘Examining the Racialised and Sexualized Bodies of Mothers within ‘Change 4 Life’ and Campaigns During British Imperialism’

Sarah Lubala, “They Steal Our Women and Our Jobs”: The Sexualised Language of Xenophobia in Contemporary South Africa’

Panel 4: Critiquing Heteronormativity 

Victoria Benge, ‘Intergenerational Relationships: Case Study of Stephen Fry and Elliott Spencer

Mikaela Feroli, ‘”Transparent”: Negotiating Parenthood as a Transgendered Individual

Sharon Schmidt, ‘Queering Heterosexuality’

John Lucas Taylor, ‘Reinforcing the Heteronormative Family Structure: Surrogacy Law and Gay Male Parents’