State of the Nation 2016: Social Mobility in Great Britain

Chapter 5: Housing and Social Mobility

November 2016

State of the Nation 2016 - Social Mobility in Great Britain_Chapter 5

The Social Mobility Commission published their annual report on the problem of social mobility in Britain. This year they placed strong emphasis on new evidence that suggests that for young people obstacles for social mobility are getting worse, not better. The evidence they provide highlights four key areas that negatively affect the poor, low-and middle-income families and communities in England: a discriminatory education system, a two-tier labour market, an imbalanced economy, and an unaffordable housing market.

LSE London’s Assistant professorial research fellow, Kath Scanlon, contributed to the chapter on housing and social mobility. In this report, the Commission proposes an ambitious programme that seeks to address these concerns in a ten-year plan of social reform.


Client: Social Mobility Commission

Author:  Kath Scanlon (Chapter 5)

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