Sexual Rights and Sexual Risks Among Youth Online

September 2015

Sexual Rights and Sexual Risks Among Youth Online

In what ways do children and young people develop their sexual identities? How does this social developmental process intersect with early sexual knowledge and sexual experience online, whether positive or negative? This review examines the literature ranging from the potentially positive opportunity of accessing sexual health information online to the extremely negative experiences of grooming and trafficking.

The review set out to examine the risks and opportunities that 10- to 17-year-olds face when seeking or encountering sexual information or experiences online..

The present research was commissioned to advance eNACSO’s efforts to ‘monitor emerging trends of the digital world inwhich children are fully-immersed and active participants.’

The objectives of this specific review are to:

  • Gather evidence from experts and stakeholders (academics, psychologists, socialworkers and NGOs) as well as from varied database searches.
  • Examine recent evidence relevant to sexual rights and sexual risk of harm in relation to children and young people, their developing sexuality and their use of new media.
  • Inform the design of focus groups to gather feedback on the results and recommendations from children and young people.
  • Assess the effectiveness and adequacy of existing measures to help children realise their rights and avoid from being exposed to inappropriate risks.

The results of this review will be used to inform policy positions and recommendations, as well as effective advocacy strategies aimed at making sure that child protection and empowerment remain a high priority at the regional and global level.

Commissioned by: eNACSO

Funded by: European Commission

Authors: Sonia Livingstone & Jessica Mason

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