Global Value Chains

Potential synergies between external trade policy and internal economic initiatives to address the strategic dependencies of the EU

March 2023

Global Value Chains

Global value chains enable two-thirds of international trade, notably for the EU. The EU wants to preserve its commercial links with third countries and organisations to make up for trade disruptions.

This study examines sustainable supply of raw materials, commodities, and critical goods using the EU's Open Strategic Autonomy concept. It examines which raw material are crucial for sustainable supply and necessary for the green transition. The paper examines EU internal legislation and international cooperation instruments to determine the EU's disruption risk. It evaluates the economic impact of EU preferential trade agreements on raw material availability.

The study illustrates the political and economic relevance of raw material partnerships and plurilateral and bilateral trade agreements. It analyses the EU's toolbox for safeguarding its interests and making independent trade choices to counteract other actors' unfair practices and intervention. Finally, the paper examines regulatory frameworks, international alliances, and activities to find ways to strengthen global value chains in critical EU industries.

Client: European Parliament - DG for External Policies of the Union

Authors: Alessia A. Amighini, Andreas Maurer, Elitsa Garnizova, Jan Hagemejer, Peter-Tobias Stoll, Marcus Dietrich, Riya Roy, Agnieszka Skowronek and Davide Tentori

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