Community Health Care in Europe: A Review of Technologies

August 2014

Community Health Care in Europe

Across European countries, improving the cost-effectiveness of the health care system and addressing daily needs of patient with chronic diseases, responsible for 70-80% of the healthcare budget, is seen as an acute policy need. In that context, many countries have increased the emphasis given to delivering services in the community in the hope of avoiding unnecessary use of acute, hospital-based care.

The extent to which a shift towards community health care services is being promoted and achieved, and the policy mechanisms and interventions used for that purpose vary from country to country.

This report explores the analysis of the evidence about the potential impact of different health care technologies in promoting community-based health care services. The second (page 145) summarises a review of recent policy reforms in 5 European countries aimed at increasing the role of community-based care.

Client: MedTech Europe

Authors: Marija Trachtenberg & José-Luis Fernández

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