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Why LSE?

Our specialists in LSE are part of a lively and robust research network. Their expertise in the practical impacts of their subjects and their know-how across different policy areas and industries make them constantly sought out as advisers, consultants and commentators.

We develop solutions and knowledge with a significant impact

We develop solutions and knowledge with a significant impact. On the one hand, our services reflect awareness about the complexity and multi-layered nature of the different issues that they are designed to tackle. On the other hand, they convey the flexibility necessary to address these issues and respond to time, cost and scope constraints.

Whichever specialist service might suit your organisation’s needs, it will be imprinted with LSE’s world-leading academic quality along with the pioneering perspectives of its different academic departments, institutes and interdisciplinary research centres.

What do you get?

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Real-world perspective
LSE has historically been at the crossroads of international debate, engaging with problems across different areas to understand their principal causes and processes. The services within our consulting hubs are context-relevant and evidence-based, providing robust tools and insights to develop solutions that can be adapted to various organisations and settings across the globe.

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Excellence in design
LSE has been recognised as a leading research university in the UK and worldwide. Robust design in research and evaluation areas has been fundamental in contributing to the different spheres of policy- and decision-making. Our consulting services match these standards, employing reliable strategies and advanced methodological tools.

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Outstanding specialists
LSE holds state-of-arts social science research and the very academics who have carried out that research. Our specialists are part of LSE’s intellectually stimulating and challenging environment; they have become influential researchers and developed in-depth knowledge in their particular areas.