New podcast on the future of work by Dr Grace Lordan

I want to explore how we can lead more creative, happy and successful lives at work.
- Dr Grace Lordan
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What is happening in the workplace right now? And how does that impact your success? Launched on 31 October 2023, the new podcast by Dr Grace Lordan, Work FORCE explores the evolving world of work, sparking a dialogue on how we can reimagine the way we work and navigate the forces shaping our professional lives.

In each episode, Dr Lordan takes on a question to challenge how work can be better. From the first episode, “Should managers be extinct?” to intriguing questions like “Is the office fridge a good barometer for culture?, each episode interplays academic evidence with real-life experiences. Alongside Grace, a diverse set of guests, ranging from economists to comedians, deep dive into a topic affecting our experience of work and offer actionable insights for personal success and well-being.

Dr Lordan is Founding Director of The Inclusion Initiative, Associate Professor at LSE and author of Think Big, Take Small Steps and Build the Future you Want. She said: "I want to explore how we can lead more creative, happy and successful lives at work. The workplace is evolving at an unprecedented rate and it's crucial to understand the dynamics at play defining our personal experiences and how they are changing. By mixing academic research with real-life stories, we aim to inspire our listeners to navigate their work lives more effectively and empower them on their journey towards personal success."

Work FORCE is available now, with new episodes released every two weeks. The podcast was created by Dr Lordan in collaboration with Decibelle Creative and Teresa Almeida at The Inclusion Initiative at LSE.

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