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I didn't think I would actually do it, but within a month I had quit my job and moved back to London.
- Lindsey, LSE alum and Co-Founder of Beanbag Health
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The LSE-partnered Zinc VC has announced its 6th Venture Builder, starting in April 2023, with the timely mission to transform people’s financial resilience and empower them to turn uncertainty into opportunity

Launched in 2017 with LSE as a founding partner, Zinc seeks to tackle social challenges through private enterprise and public policy. Since launch, Zinc have supported over 200 mission-driven entrepreneurs to start over 60 new businesses and experiment their way to impact on a global scale.

The latest Venture Builder launches at a time when many have suffered from a cost-of-living crisis for decades. While rising energy costs and the COVID pandemic have recently tipped a lot of people over the edge, the underlying economic insecurities have been building for much longer.

Zinc is looking to invest and support diverse, ambitious, and talented individuals who will develop new commercial ventures to tackle this crisis, enabling people to earn a good income, manage money effectively and build assets for the future. This includes solutions in areas such as real estate, skills and education, financial services, growing social capital and more.

More information:

Read more about the mission and the opportunity areas in the Zinc Venture Builder 6 Manifesto.

Zinc would welcome interested LSE alumni to apply to the Venture Builder, or if you know someone who would be interested in this opportunity, you can refer them here.

Photo of Lindsay, LSE alum and Co-founder of Beanbag Health

LSE alum and Co-Founder of Beanbag Health, Lindsey describes her experience as a Zinc Founder:

Why did you join Zinc VC?

“I've always wanted to start my own business, but it can be hard to actually start. Zinc felt like a forcing mechanism for me to do this, so when I was referred to the programme by another LSE alum, I was curious and decided to apply. I didn't think I would actually do it, but within a month I had quit my job and moved back to London.”

What would you say to anyone considering applying to the Venture Builder

The venture builder is a great opportunity to fully give entrepreneurship a chance. In some senses, there are definitely easier ways to start a business, but Venture Builder gives you a lot of support along the way. It's a wild and life changing experience for everyone who takes part, and the cohort itself is an invaluable resource.

What do you enjoy about working out of the LSE Generate space now as an alum?

Although we're often a remote team, my co-founder and I like to be in person sometimes and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have a workspace in central London as an LSE alum with LSE Generate. The other Zinc Companies were definitely jealous of me! It's also great to connect with the other LSE entrepreneurs in the LSE Generate networking events.