LSE ranked second in the world for "sustainable institutions"

LSE was founded for the betterment of society and our commitment to acting sustainably and responsibly is central to who we are.
- LSE Director, Minouche Shafik

LSE has been ranked second in the world and top in the UK in the “sustainable institutions” lens for the QS World University Rankings for Sustainability 2023, published today (26 October).

According to the QS Rankings criteria, the “sustainable institutions” measure assesses an institution’s operations, its commitment to sustainability and whether strong governance is evidenced.

The metric considers alumni impact on the environment from the corporate sector; membership of organisations and groups devoted to sustainable development; staff perceptions of their institution’s commitment; having procurement and investment opportunities that refer to sustainability; a student society related to the environment or sustainable development; and recording and reporting the institution’s energy, emissions and water usage.

The “sustainable institutions” lens is one of eight areas measured in the QS Sustainability Rankings. The other areas are: employment and opportunities, equality, life quality, impact of education, knowledge exchange, sustainable education and sustainable research.

Taking all these into account, the School placed 59th overall out of 700 institutions globally, making it in the top 10 per cent worldwide.

This ranking follows news earlier this year that LSE has secured £175 million funding for green and social projects and an announcement last year that LSE was the first carbon neutral verified university in the UK.

As well as ranking highly for “sustainable intuitions”, the School was also rated first in the UK and sixth in the world for "equality". For the "employment and opportunities" measure, it ranked fifth in the world.

Commenting on the news, Julian Robinson, Director of Estates at LSE said: “We are pleased to see LSE’s strong focus on sustainability recognised in the QS World University Rankings for Sustainability 2023.

“To score so highly for ‘Sustainable Institutions’ is a great achievement for us, and a reminder that our work to embed a culture of sustainability throughout our campus operations, teaching and learning and engagement activities is having tangible impact. We look forward to what more we can do in the coming years to continually enhance the sustainability credentials of LSE.”

Commenting on the news, LSE Director Minouche Shafik said: “LSE was founded for the betterment of society and our commitment to acting sustainably and responsibly is central to who we are. I am delighted our work in this area has been recognised in the QS rankings. We will continue to drive meaningful change and contribute to shaping a more sustainable world.”

Find out more about LSE's commitment to sustainability on our dedicated webpage