New seminal text on macroeconomics available free from LSE’s open access publishing platform

This book is a valuable gift to both the academic discipline of macroeconomics, and the wider professional field.
- Professor Patrick Dunleavy
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Advanced Macroeconomics: An Easy Guide LSE Press

Macroeconomic concepts and theories are among the most valuable for policymakers. Yet up to now, there has been a wide gap between undergraduate courses and the professional level at which macroeconomic policy is practiced.

Written with a light touch, yet thorough in its coverage of current theory and its application to policymaking, Advanced Macroeconomics: An Easy Guide is an invaluable and free resource for graduate students in economics and public policy, advanced undergraduate students, and practitioners.

The book is open access and free to read from today through LSE Press, the School’s publisher of high-quality, open access research in the social sciences. It can be downloaded as a whole or chapter by chapter, depending on the needs of the student or teacher.

Advanced Macroeconomics: An Easy Guide introduces the tools of dynamic optimisation in the context of economic growth, and then applies them to policy questions ranging from pensions, consumption, investment, and finance to the most recent developments in fiscal and monetary policy.

Born as a master’s course taught by each of the authors in succession over many years at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, the text also draws on their own extensive practical experience as macroeconomic policymakers.

Professor Andrés Velasco, Dean of the School of Public Policy at LSE and co-author of the book, added: “Our textbook is designed to bridge the gap between advanced economic theory and practical application. It provides a rigorous treatment of salient economic issues in an accessible manner. We believe it should prove very useful to students, professors and practitioners alike”.

Commenting on the publication, LSE Press Editor in Chief and Emeritus Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at LSE, Patrick Dunleavy said: “Our core purpose at LSE Press is to make important scholarly works accessible to all, whatever university people may study at, and whether they work in business, government or civil society without academic library access. We aim to expand and underpin LSE’s role as the global convenor of influential debates on critical social and economic issues”.

“This book is a valuable gift to both the academic discipline of macroeconomics, and the wider professional field. Authored by distinguished policy economists who also have tremendous practical expertise, we are incredibly proud to offer Advanced Macroeconomics: An Easy Guide to everyone at no cost.”

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