LSE iQ podcast: Should we be optimistic?

Woman smiling Bearinthenorth from Pixabay

After a year that will remain synonymous with anxiety, isolation, endless devastating news reports, and for too many – loss, the latest episode of LSE IQ asks, 'Is optimism is good for us?' 

Despite our growing collective pessimism about the state of the world, when it comes to our own lives, research suggests we are generally optimistic. But beyond the effects on our wellbeing, is optimism an accurate lens through which to view the world? 

For the podcast Nathalie Abbott speaks to Dr Tali Sharot, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at UCL; Dr Joan Costa-Font, Associate Professor in Health Economics at LSE; Dr David de Meza, Professor of Management at LSE; and Dr Chris Kutarna, author of Age of Discovery: Navigating the Risks and Rewards of our New Renaissance. 

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