Is perfect the enemy of the possible?

“We live in a culture that celebrates perfectionism as something that's an emblem of strength.”
- Dr Thomas Curran

Our society values perfection, but, the latest episode of LSE IQ asks, is the concept of perfect really that good for us?  

In this bitesized episode of the LSE IQ podcast, Jess Winterstein speaks to Dr Thomas Curran, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science at LSE. While aspiring to perfection may still be viewed positively by many, Dr Curran’s research reveals that the drive to be the best can potentially do more harm than good. 

Are the potential downsides worth it when balanced against the possible achievements that can come from being a perfectionist? In a discussion which explores the realities of wanting to be the best, we ask, is perfection really worth it?  

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