LSE IQ podcast: How do we stop knife crime?

More people are buying drugs on the dark net so gangs are fighting over a shrinking street market.
- Tom Kirchmaier, Centre for Economic Performance
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Knife crime in England and Wales hit a record high in 2019, up by 7% on the previous year. In the 12 months to June, there were 235 knife murders and 412 attempted murders. A disproportionate number of victims - and perpetrators - are young and disadvantaged. It is destroying lives and striking fear into many communities.

In this episode of our award-winning LSE IQ podcast, Joanna Bale asks: 'How do we stop knife crime?' She talks to LSE's Kerris Cooper, Janet Foster, Tom Kirchmaier and Carmen Villa-Llera. Joining them is Yvonne Lawson, who set up a charitable foundation to work with children at risk in memory of her son Godwin who was stabbed to death in North London.

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