Is gender equality possible?

Woman working

The year 2018 was hailed by some media outlets as the ‘year of women’, but despite the surge in positivity it was also the year that revealed alarming statistics on the number of gender hate incidents; the year that continued to see a substantial proportion of mothers withdrawing from employment after childbirth; and the year of a sobering report by the World Economic Forum which suggested an 108 year wait for women to close the global gender gap.

In the latest episode of the LSE IQ podcast, Jess Winterstein asks ‘Is gender equality possible?’ Giving their expert opinions on why, despite decades of global activism, political promises and policy changes, gender equality is still far from achieved, are Sarah Banet-Weiser and Shani Orgad from LSE’s Department of Media and Communications, and Grace Lordan from the LSE Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science.   

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