LSE IQ: Are we seeing a new gender equality revolution?

Half of all women have been sexually harassed at work
- Professor Jennifer Brown
women's march 747x560
Women's March, Maryland, USA, 2018

The April episode of the LSE IQ podcast is now out, asking:  "Are we seeing a new gender equality revolution?"

Gender politics has dominated the news over the past year with issues like the UK gender pay gap and the global #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. We explore this new wave of feminism and whether or not it will bring about lasting change for women.

Helping explore this issue are: Professor Beverley Skeggs, Director of the Atlantic Fellows programme at LSE's International Inequalities Institute, Professor Jennifer Brown, Co-director of LSE's Mannheim Centre for Criminology, and Winnie Li, award-winning author, activist and PhD researcher in LSE's Department of Media and Communications.

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