What can Brexit tell us about the white working class?

Distressed Union Jack. stux CC0 Public Domain

In the July episode of the #LSEIQ podcast we ask, ‘What can Brexit tell us about the white working class?’

One year on from the European Referendum, this demographic has been scrutinised for their role in the Leave vote. But were they really responsible for the 51.9 per cent vote to ‘Brexit’? If so, why did they vote that way?

Helping to tackle the question are Dr Justin Gest co director of LSE’s Migration Studies Unit and Assistant Professor of Public Policy at George Mason University; Dr Lisa McKenzie, Fellow in LSE’s Department of Sociology, and; Dr Dennis Novy, an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick and an Associate at the Centre for Economic Performance at LSE.

Each episode of LSE IQ sees a range of LSE academics, and other experts, line up to give their perspective on one timely question.

Next month we ask, ‘Why haven’t we won the war on drugs?’

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