Visiting Fellowship Scheme

How to apply

LSEE - Research on South Eastern Europe (LSEE) is currently not accepting any applications for Visiting Fellows, Visiting Senior Fellows and Visiting Professors by academics or policy practitioners. 

Visiting Fellowship

Visiting Fellowships target researchers at an early stage of their career (pre-major review) who already hold a tenure-track university affiliation and wish to conduct a specific piece of research on a topic relevant to the research of LSEE.

Applications by practitioners and researchers outside the academia may also be considered, but normally applicants should hold at least a PhD degree or have equivalent professional experience.

Visiting Senior Fellowship

The Visiting Senior Fellowship category is aimed at academics that are of the Lecturer (post major review), Senior Lecturer or Reader level, and practitioners or professionals at a broadly comparable level in their profession.

The title of Visiting Senior Fellow is given to individuals from outside the School associated with School Departments/Institutes/Centres. The status is intended to apply to scholars who have already published work of distinction, as well as recognising the contribution from those in government service, in professional practice, in the private sector, or in other appropriate fields, to research and other Departmental/Institute/Centre activities.

Visiting Professor Appointments

The School may confer the title of Visiting Professor or Visiting Professor in Practice for a defined but renewable period on persons of appropriate distinction hose connections with the School are appropriate to the visiting title. It includes individuals with a non-academic background who may have achieved prominence in public life, or who have attained distinction in the professions.

The Visiting Professor in Practice title is for those who have appropriate distinction within their area of practice without however having sufficient academic distinction. The Committee reserves the right to reject a Visiting Professor application and either suggest the conferment of Visiting Professor in Practice or Visiting Fellow/Senior Visiting Fellow status, as appropriate.

How to apply & application materials

Your application should include the following:

Cover letter

A letter outlining the rationale for why you wish to spend time at LSEE. This should include information about your planned research programme, the benefits the fellowship will bring to your on-going research; and the ways in which you expect LSEE to benefit from the collaboration.

Research Proposal

The research proposal should specify clearly the research question of the proposed research and give details about the analytical framework, literature and methodological approach to be followed. It should also explain how the proposed research relates to the applicant's past research and publications and should normally not exceed 8 pages.

◾ Up-to-date Curriculum Vitae.

Period that you are interested in.

Please note that we prefer Visitors to be with us during term time.  

Statement of Living Costs

A statement providing an outline on how the applicant proposes to meet their living costs during their stay in London.

Practical Arrangements

Timing: Visiting Fellows, Visiting Senior Fellows and Visiting Professors may start at any time during the year, subject to agreement between each individual fellow and LSEE, although we do however prefer Visitors to be with us during term time and for a period of 6-12 months.

Duration: Fellowships will normally run for 6 - 12 months, but longer visits may, by exception, be approved. Shorter visits (minimum 10 weeks) may also be considered, but this is not the School's preference.  

Status in the School: The title of Visiting Fellow, Visiting Senior Fellow and Visiting Professor is given to individuals from outside the School associated with School departments, institutes and centres. Visiting Fellows have access to the facilities of LSEE, and will also be able to enjoy access to the facilities of LSE as a whole.

Funding: Visiting fellowships do not carry an emolument and LSEE does not normally offer a stipend. It is advisable that all interested applicants should firstly research the likely costs associated with living in London as these costs are high, before proceeding with an application.

Computer facilities and desk space: Visiting Fellows, Senior Fellows and Visiting Professors will be provided with an LSE login and email address, enabling them to use computer facilities at the School (for example, in the LSE library). LSEE may be able to provide Visiting Fellows, Senior Fellows and Visiting Professors with desk space, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Accommodation: the School is not able to make any arrangements for living accommodation for visitors.The LSE’s accommodation website, however, provides useful guidance on finding private rented housing.