3rd Workshop on the Comparative Economics of South East Europe

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics & Business 
25-26 April 2024

Call For Papers



Following the multiple shocks of transition to a market economy, the global financial crisis,the Covid pandemic and the destructive effects of the wars in Ukraine and Gaza, the economiesof South East Europe (SEE) and EU neighbourhood and other peripheral countries are underincreasing strain. In the context of weak convergence to European levels, what are the maindrivers and barriers to growth in the economies of the SEE region? Recently, the EU haslaunched a new Growth Plan for the Western Balkans. But will this be sufficient to make adifference to economic growth prospects? Is there evidence that EU candidature or membershipmakes a real contribution to economic convergence? How far has military conflict impactedthe economies of these regions and how is this likely to affect convergence prospects in SEE,the EU neighbourhood and other peripheral countries? Research evidence on these issues canbe derived from multiple axes of analysis including research on the effects of differentmacroeconomic policies on growth; on different forms of industrial organisation on theefficiency of business operations; the impact of barriers to entry of new firms on thedevelopment of the SME sector; the role of industrial policy; opportunities for technologicalinnovation and leapfrogging derived from the adoption of new digital technologies includingartificial intelligence; emerging skill shortages and skill mismatches; the role of financialsystems and financialisation in supporting economic growth; the influence of green policies indriving economic growth; the effect of institutions and state capture in hindering economicgrowth in the region; and the impact of economic growth on labour markets and the distributionof incomes. These and other issues can be discussed at this workshop.


The workshop series provides a forum for presentation of research on all aspects of economictransition and European integration in South Eastern Europe. Papers are welcome from alltraditions of economic theory and analysis. Empirical papers focusing on the comparativeanalysis of economies of the region are encouraged, while individual country studies related tothe workshop themes are also welcome. After the workshop, papers will be considered forpublication in a thematic issue of Economic Annals to be published in autumn 2024. Thefollowing themes can be covered at the workshop, as can any other topic in the field ofcomparative economic studies.

Workshop Themes

- Comparative economics of SEE, EU neighbourhood and other peripheral economies

- Drivers and barriers to economic growth and convergence in SEE economies

- The effects of EU candidature and membership on economic growth

- Macroeconomic policies and economic growth

- Financial economics and financialisation

- Political economy of transition in SEE

- Effects of military conflict on economic development

- Business organisation and performance

- Industrial policy and innovation

- Labour markets, human capital, and migration

- Green investments and the environment


Abstracts of up to 400 words should include the following fields: title, author(s) name andaffiliation, contact details, abstract text, keywords, and JEL classification. Please ensure thatyour abstract clearly states the motivation and aims of the paper, the methodology used, andthe expected findings. To streamline the submission process, we are using Google Forms forabstract submissions. Use this link to access theform. Abstracts should be submitted by 16th February 2024. If you have any questions or needfurther assistance, please contact Nikola Njegovan at ea@ekof.bg.ac.rs

Important Dates

16 February 2024:      Deadline for submission of abstracts

23 February 2024:      Notification of acceptance

23 April 2024:             Submission of papers

25-26 April 2024:        Workshop


The conference language is English. The workshop takes place at 12.00-17.00 Thursday 25th April and at 09.00-13.00 Friday 26th April (EACES Board Meeting 14.00-17.00). Participants must pay their own travel and accommodation, while refreshments during the workshop, lunches on the first and second day, and the workshop dinner on the first evening is provided by the organisers.

Local Organising Committee

Nikola Njegovan (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics and Business)

Mladen Stamenković (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics and Business)

Žaklina Stojanović (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics and Business)

Scientific Committee

Milojko Arsic (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics and Business)

Jovo Ateljević (University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Economics)

Sonja Avlijaš (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics and Business)

Will Bartlett (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Biljana Bogićević Milikić (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics and Business)

Adnan Efendić (University of Sarajevo, School of Economics and Business)

Radovan Kovačević (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics and Business)

Gorana Krstić (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics and Business)

Marjan Petreski (University American College Skopje)

Nebojsa Stojčić (University of Dubrovnik, Department of Economics and Business)


The workshop is jointly organised by the Faculty of Economics and Business at the Universityof Belgrade, the journal Economic Annals, the European Association for ComparativeEconomics (EACES), the LSEE Research Unit on Southeastern Europe at LSE, and with thesupport of the Scientific Society of Economists of Serbia (NDES) and the Association ofEconomic Universities of South and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region (ASECU).

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics and Business

The Faculty of Economics and Business was established as the Graduate School for Economyand Trade in 1937. Today, it is the most prominent scientific and educational institution in Serbia in the field of economics. It is the publisher of the refereed journal Economic Annals.

Economic Annals

Economic Annals is an academic journal published quarterly since 1955. It is published inEnglish by the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Belgrade. Papers submittedare subject to double-blind refereeing process. The journal is available on the website of the Faculty of Economics at: http://www.ekof.bg.ac.rs/publikacije/casopisi/ekonomski-anali/

European Association for Comparative Economic Studies (EACES)

The founding conference of EACES was held in Verona in September 1990. The Associationholds regular bi-annual Conferences and workshops. It is a broadly-based organisation inwhich welcomes all schools of economic thought EACES website: http://www.eaces.eu


LSE Research on South Eastern Europe (LSEE) is a research unit within the European Institute at London School of Economics and Political Science. It provides a forum for research collaboration with research partners in SEE.

Scientific Society of Economists in Serbia (NDES)

The Scientific Society of Economists in Serbia (NDES) is based at the Faculty of Economicsand Business at the University of Belgrade. NDES organises conferences jointly with theFaculty of Economics and Business, with participation of other economics Faculties in Serbia.

Association of Economic Universities of South and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region (ASECU)

ASECU was established in 1996 and includes Universities and Scientific Centers from theregion. Papers accepted for the Workshop can also be submitted for consideration for theSouth-Eastern Europe Journal of Economics (the official journal of the ASECU).